Kiesha Miles is in the spotlight as a producer and former member of the hit R&B group ‘Xscape,’ and doesn’t take the role lightly. The singer and visionary recently gave fans a snippet of her life as a pregnant woman in Wetv’s ‘Pregnant and Dating’ docu-series. Although encouraged by her mom to marry the father of her child, Kiesha decided to remain single and search for love instead, hoping that her experience will give single moms hope. “I think it will be great for single women who had been through this to see that they’re not alone and not the only ones experiencing it,” said the artist during and interview with Access Atlanta. Kiesha recently sat down with OK! magazine to talk about her experience on ‘Pregnant and Dating.’ Check out what the R&B singer had to say.


How she became involved with the show.

“Actually, I’m back and forth between Atlanta and L.A. a lot because my family’s in Atlanta, so I found out I was pregnant when I came back to Atlanta. A friend that had heard about the show called me and asked if I would like something like that and I was like, ‘I don’t’ know because pregnancies are very, very tough on me.’ I’ve lost my last two babies. Then I thought about it and thought it would be a great experience, so why not?”

Taping while pregnant.

“We started taping maybe about three and a half months in, but I didn’t show until I was 6 months. The only thing that showed on me was my boobs.  My boobs grew two cup sizes within the first two months. So it was hilarious. But we started taping maybe three and a half months into my pregnancy and we went all the way up until about the eight months when I had him.”

Dating while pregnant, and what she was looking for in a partner.

“My pregnancy was a secret and I wasn’t showing. I could go on dates without telling anybody. I had refused to reveal it immediately. I just didn’t feel like everybody deserves to know my business. There were some different reactions to saying I was pregnant. Some great, some not so great. I think for me, rejection is something that I’m so afraid of, so the hardest part about saying it for me was feeling like I was going to be rejected.

What I wasn’t looking for was a replacement dad, and I made that clear from the beginning. I wasn’t looking for a baby daddy—that wasn’t the goal. I just wanted somebody to care about me, and if they became a bigger situation, to make sure it was a great man to be around my son. Before I was pregnant, the kind of guy that I liked was a different type of guy. I liked a guy that could show me a good time, could party a little bit, but now, with a son, I want somebody that is more about being responsible and really, really showing me love and not just a good time.”

‘Pregnant and Dating’ vs. ’16 & Pregnant.’

“Well my mom’s teen pregnancy, she’s told me all about it. It was so hard on her because even though a lot of teens were pregnant back in that day, it was frowned upon. It wasn’t a great thing. It wasn’t a great experience. But TV didn’t prepare me for what I went through in my pregnancy. I really hope that this show will show a different side of what you experience when you are pregnant. There are so many single women that are pregnant. You never really see that, how it feels. You never really see what you go through as a single lady being pregnant, and I really hope that this show will change that.”





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