Halloween is here! If you haven’t figured out what you want to be yet or you just haven’t had enough time to decide… here are 5 great easy to do at home costumes that will save you money and get your little one tons of treats.


1. Long time favorite- Mummy
The mummy is an easy and cheap way to get dressed for Halloween. That’s a couple of the reasons it’s been so popular over the years. That and it’s a sure hit! First, put on thermals or a close fitting shirt and pants. Second, take an old white bed sheet and tear it into strips. Third, wrap body in the bed sheet using safety pins to keep the strips in place. Lastly, wrap head covering face (but leave room to breathe-ha) and tuck loose ends in firmly.

2. Cute Kitten
The kitten costume is perfect for little girls. It takes a little more effort but is well worth the time. First, cut diamond shapes out of black felt cloth or even wool material (strong, resistant material is key). Second, fold those diamonds over a headband so they look like triangles and staple or sew into place. Third, grab some black eyeliner and draw three lines from the top lip up across the cheek (like whiskers). Lastly, using black damp eye-shadow, color in the nose. The outfit is up to you. You can dress her in a tutu, black shirt and pants or even tights and leotard… it all works.

3. Horrifying Zombie
Boys love the gruel of Halloween. You can really help your little man scare the town with a homemade zombie costume. First, get some old clothes and tear holes into them. Second, using red paint and gloves, cover your hand with the paint and draw red scratches across the torn shirt and pants. Third, take white face paint or power and dab the face until it appears colorless and sickly. Next, using black eye make-up color around eyes in circles, giving eyes a sunken effect. Lastly, with red lipstick, draw lines of lingering blood from the lip to the chin.

4. Gumball Machine
A great easy to do costume that’s extremely cute on preschoolers and always an unexpected crowd pleaser. First, paint a pastic soda cap with silver paint and glue it to the top of a red hat. Second, take a clear large bage a cut three holes for arms and head to go through (like a shirt). Third, blow-up multi-colored balloons halfway and stuff them into the clear bag, tightening the bottom of the bag with a belt so the balloons don’t fall out (cut off excess if any). Lastly, with black tape or marker draw 5 cents on red pants leg, get dressed and head out.

5. Giant Pumpkin
A great thing about the giant pumpkin costume is that it fits all ages. First, take a large orange shirt and draw lines in black from the head open to straight down to the bottom (4 on the front, 4 on the back). Second, stuff the shirt with pillows or cotton until it’s completely filled and round. Lastly, using green face paint, paint the entire face green and put on green stockings or tights.

For more great homemade Halloween costume ideas visit http://slapdashmom.com/50-diy-halloween-costume-tutorials-and-ideas/ and http://www.parents.com/holiday/halloween/costumes/

Enjoy getting dressed and Happy Trick or Treating!!!




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