If you have been wondering why singer Melanie Brown and her daughters shaved their hair, wonder no more. In an interview with New! Magazine,  the singer reveals that she didn’t force her  daughters Phoenix,11, and Angel,3, to get mohawks.  She  says, “They are cute! My kids let me know exactly what they do and don’t want; it wasn’t me who made them get their hair cut. They wouldn’t [have] allow[ed] me to get their hair done if they didn’t approve.”


Read below to find out why Melanie shaved her own hair. Interview highlights courtesy of  StarPulse:

On balancing motherhood: [Angel Iris] goes to school three hours a day when I run around and do my thing and I pick jobs that work around my family. Hosting this show is two days a week so I have time to see my kids.

On having more kids: Oh no I love babies. I definitely want to have more. I am going to be 35 this year so I have a few more years left of baby making, yeah definitely.

On what  made her decide to shave your hair off: All my kids were getting Mohawks. My 11-year-old did this Rihanna thing, my three-year-old got the mohawk and I was like, I want to join in! Afterwards my 11 year old did go, “Why did you do that mom?”

On how much weight she lost after her 2nd pregnancy: With my second pregnancy I put on roughly 60 pounds so I gave myself a good five months to lose the weight before I did Dancing with the Stars but if there was a show out at that time like this that combined the dancing with losing weight I would have definitely done this show for sure

On her workout DVD: I did my workout DVD so I created this, it’s about a nine minute ab workout where you end up doing 200-300 abs really, really quick. That’s one of the reasons I love this show because like I said before I did Dancing with the Stars I did my own workout. I lost my weight by myself. I didn’t want to go to the gym, I didn’t want to be out there because I felt that I was completely alone. What I did was create my own DVD workout and that worked for me. Then everyone was saying, how did you lose the weight? And I was saying if you want to know about it, buy the DVD. I never thought of releasing something like that because it was my own private, personal [activity].but if this show was on at that time and I had to lose that weight to feel better and be more active I would have definitely jumped on board.

On wanting a big family: … I’ve always wanted to have kids. My mom is one of seven so from growing up I always knew that I wanted to have a big family. I just wanted to make sure that I could provide for them. I went and did a little bit of work first.

On her music: I’m in the studio. I got back into the studio again, three weeks ago. I don’t want to talk about it until I’ve actually got my body of work, but I’m definitely going to be knocking out some songs, hopefully in the next six months or so. Give myself a bit of time there…


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