Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss recently sat down with Urblife to talk about single motherhood with her daughter Riley,8.  Check out highlights from the interview now!


Urblife: There have been a lot of headlines in the news lately about bullying. Has she had any problems with kids picking at her?

“I’m getting on her about not being the bully! [laughs] My daughter has a very strong personality and she’s a leader. She’s the one in her clique that all of the little kids are trying to follow and do what she does. I had an incident recently where she said she got in trouble because her friends were screaming at some other little girl for “biting her style.” I said “You don’t have any style!” and she said, “She was biting my style so my friends started screaming at her, she started crying and told the teacher on us.”

“I had to tell her, “Everything that’s in stores, anybody can go get it. Just because someone has the same shirt as you, you don’t own it.” Of course you’re going to have moments where kids say things that may hurt her feelings, but for the most part I have to tell her to stop doing things that hurt the other kids’ feelings.”

UrbLife: Has Riley expressed the desire to get into music?
Kandi: Yes she’s already singing and working on writing songs. I’m about to put her into learning an instrument. I support it because I lot of potential in her and I see a lot of myself in her. I pray she can do everything I can, but better than me. I can see her being a hit making songwriter, at 8-years-old she’s already making songs with a melody behind them.

I can hear her potential, so I’m definitely going to support it and control it as long as I can. I’m going to make sure she knows everything she needs to go to that next level. For now she wants to be in a group, and I told her, “You’re too young to be in a group.” She wants to be in talent shows, and that’s fine.

Urblife: What’s the best advice your daughter has ever given you?

Kandi: My daughter said that when I bring someone into my life she wants to meet them when they’re just my friend. I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t bring people around your kids, but we have a very open relationship, and I’ve vowed to never date someone she doesn’t really like or that can’t have a good relationship with my child. So she said before I even get too serious about a person she wants to meet them to see if they’re cool.

She says she can tell if someone is genuinely nice to children and they like them, or they’re just being nice to her to get in good with me. She doesn’t want to have someone around us that’s just trying to get in good with me. She wants someone who genuinely likes the both of us.

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