Don’t count Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell out just yet. The father of five says that contrary to popular belief, he does love all his children and they are not in any way “sperm donations”.  Here is a press release as issued by the rapper:


I feel that I have to clarify an interview that was taken out of context and edited to stir up controversy involving my family issues.

I was in Atlanta at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash and I was doing interviews. One interview was conducted by a lady and man from the Mad Hatta Show in Houston. For the record, this interview was videotaped backstage after I got off stage. This interview was NOT conducted in a radio station; therefore it should be known that there is a VIDEOTAPED version. The audio version is the one that was released to all the media outlets and this audio version was EDITED.

AUDIO: Uncle speaks with 107.9’s Mad Hatta Show.

First and foremost, I have not and do not do interviews regarding my children and/or family issues however, she continued to ask and speak about something that my daughter had put out on the Internet. When she asked me how I felt about my daughter speaking bad about me, my comment was “I have no comment, it’s Fathers Day tomorrow and I’m happy to be celebrating with all the Fathers out here”. She then went on to address specific comments that my daughter made in terms of me not being her father and that her father was some other man. I then stated “If my kids feel like I’m not their father, then that means that I have only one kid who’s name is Blake and if they feel that way then they want to consider me a sperm donor then so be it. I then went on to say that I have paid millions of dollars in child support and why their mothers’ would allow them to go online and curse me is just wrong. I went on to quote a verse from the Bible regarding honor thy mother and father and the only person that could direct their kids to curse their parents is the devil. For the record, I have paid millions of dollars in support for my children. The amount of money I pay in child support is way more than necessary to care for a child each month, but at the end of the day it gets paid – what the parents choose to do with it is on them. I am in now way a deadbeat dad and have never been. As you can hear by the interview all these points were actually cut out and fashioned to mislead the listening audience and attack my character to make it appear that I’m an uncaring and hateful person.Read More

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