hollyfam1, along with a few selected websites, had the opportunity to interview celebrity mom Holly Robinson Peete last week. During the interview, Holly was able to answer a few of our questions:


BCK reader MzLizJ asked, “Do you think there will be more books in the future? Maybe with RJ helping to write one?” Holly responded, “Well, I don’t know if RJ will write a book. You know you never know. He was – he wasa contributor to this book, in that you know when we were reading him the early drafts, we were just sort of looking for his – gauging his reaction. I’m not sure that we will write a book. I would love for him to, because I think it’d be great to have a book from his perspective.”

“But Ryan and I do have another book that we are working on that’s based on our trip to South Africa,when we got a chance to go the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, the opening, and the impact that it had on her and the connection that she made with one little girl there. And so we are putting that book together now and we’re really looking forward to that.”

BCK asked, “How have your other children, namely Robinson and Roman, adapted to having a brother with autism?” To which Holly responded, “Well, first of all, thank you – thank you for bringing up Robinson and Roman, because they’re like where is our book and how come we’re not in the book? They want to know why they’re not in the book. Let me tell you something about these little guys. They are like little unpaid therapists for their big brother, because part of getting a child in the spectrum to connect socially is to – you force them to have interaction. And nothing is more annoying and forces you out of – can force you out of the autism world than an annoying kid brother.

And these children have brought out so much from their big brother. Oftentimes it’s even when they’re fighting. But – and it’s kind of a crazy moment, because when we start seeing him; like one of the boys took his LEGOs and he went nuts. And he was like give me that back. And he was – and it sort of became this tug of war. And I didn’t take it; yes, you did.

Now the – now that sounds for – to a regular parent you know parent of typical kids, well, they’re just fighting and get me out here. But to see our son have – connect back and forth with circles of conversation is a big deal. So I think Robinson and Roman have been just key to helping their big brother become more typical and connect more with their world and he’s been – they’ve been very helpful. And I have to say the other thing is, when – we purposely decided we were going to have more kids. Four kids is a handful, but I know from – I worry so much about RJ and Ryan takes so much on. She’s like Mother Teresa; she’s always getting her brother’s back. And I want him to be surrounded when, God forbid, we’re gone, by this you know family unit that really knows who he is, knows his likes and dislikes, and will be around with him.”

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