Diamond Bullet is a new clothing and accessories line founded by entrepreneurs Tsolair,19, and Skye,16, the daughter of actor Robert Townsend. The creative pair were recently interviewed about their up and coming fashion line. Here are excerpts from the interview:


On who influenced their design:

We are influenced by everything. Be it a designer like Balmain or Philip Lim, or fashion icons like Lady Gaga (she’s a crazy [lady]; we rock with that) and Daphne Guinness (I LOVE HER HAIR), or singers like Eva Simmons. We are inspired by everyone and everything. If we see someone doing something out of the ordinary and people are just giving them all kinds of crazy looks, we’ll definitely rock with that person. We love going above and beyond.

On their theme:

Honestly there is no specific theme. Our lookbook is all over the place. We have lots of studs and chains. We LOVE studs and chains. OH, and we LOVE ripping things. But, we didn’t even know we were going to start a line. We’ve both been designing things for what seems like forever. Skye has been making glasses since she was 12 and I’ve been sewing since I was about 14. Most of this collection is stuff we’ve thrown together that we had already created and they were just sitting on our hangers in our closets saying “SELL ME, SELL ME.”

On where they get their inspiration from:

Inspiration comes from everywhere. We’re inspired by photo shoots and we always think what we can do to ADD to it. We don’t want to necessarily go where no one has gone because that’s impossible. If we see something we like we try to recreate it but add our touch to it. Or if an idea jumps in our head we want to work with it. Skye’s been shooting out crazy ideas of things to funk out and I just stare at her like “why?” and then when i see the end process I’m like Oh I see it now. We help each other a lot. Usually two creative people have hard times working together cause they don’t always see eye to eye, and not saying that we always agree on everything, but we learn to compromise because we know either way what we do is going to turn out great.

On who they see wearing Diamond Bullet clothing:

Diamond Bullet is for any and every girl who wants to be different. I remember when I first saw Skye she had on blue lipstick and I was like “Wow, I never thought in a million years anyone could pull that off,” but she did it and guess what.. two years later blue lipstick was popping up everywhere. Or me, I have this super funky panda hat that I’ve been wearing non stop for like a week. It’s kind of stuck to my head now. It’s a part of my everyday wardrobe. People always compliment me on it but I don’t know if they’re doing it to secretly laugh or if they like it, but WE DON’T CARE. That’s kind of what the line represents, too. We don’t care what anyone thinks or what anyone has to say. We don’t knock anyone’s style or hustle.

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