Actress Reagan Gomez shares her thoughts about expanding her family and the fears that come with those thoughts:


By Reagan Gomez, Vain Magazine

“Your daughter is adorable. Is number two on the way?” That’s probably the question I get asked the most and sometimes, by complete strangers. I get it. My husband and I have been married for 10 years, (yes, we were babies). We enjoyed seven years together before having out daughter, Scarlett (she’ll be three in May). Now, we’re enjoying our time with her—just the three of us. Yet, it seems that there’s some unwritten rule when it comes to having children.

“YOU DON’T WANT THEM TOO FAR APART IN AGE,” says the complete stranger.

Hmm, I don’t want them too far apart in age. Or do I? And what is your name, complete stranger?

Whoever thought that peer pressure ended in High School obviously hasn’t met all of the know-it-all moms and childless girlfriends of the world. The truth is, I (we) have thought about a second child. But the thought of going from one to two may be more terrifying than going from zero to one. See, we know what we’re in for. At least we like to pretend we do. It’s exhausting, expensive, draining, never ending and AWESOME.

To do this whole “Parent Thing” for another person, on top of the one we already have, makes us scared, [to death]. But, we were scared [to death] when we got married, purchased our first house, and when we had our first daughter but, we’re still here. After all, can you ever have enough money saved, or have a big enough house? Probably not. So why not take a leap of faith, and bring in the sibling. Or wait ’til we’re ready, whenever that is. In the meantime, we’re enjoying our party of three. We don’t want to go with the flow but make sure we’re able to pay the bill and leave a good tip when our party of three turns into a party of four; or five ’cause twins run in his family. Oh, let me not even put that energy out there!

Looking at my husband and daughter sitting comfortably on our couch, the craziest thing is happening. My brain is saying, ‘Too much calm, let’s shake it up a little.’ So, I say, ‘Honey, when are we going to have number two?’ I must be crazy. I must be insane. I must be a mom. I am, and I love it.

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