Celebrities are shaving their heads left to right(in the shape of a mohawk) and now so are their children. The trendy hairstyle has raised the question: “Should parents let their young children make decisions concerning their hair?”


A writer named Lacey Summerville has her opinion on the matter. She writes, “Children need a chance to express themselves just as adults need to-within reason. I believe that if there is a mutual agreement between a parent and child when it comes to hair and clothing styles-and if it’s not hurting the child in any way-then let the child express herself. If Jada had shaved Willow’s hair off against her will then maybe this would be deserving of people’s time, energy and commentary, but that is not the case.”

“What’s more, I find it amusing that this has even become an issue as there are so many meaningful topics we could be tackling other than what a 9-year-old has on her head.”

Click here to read more of Lacey’s opinion piece

So, Should parents let their young children make decisions concerning their hair?

The collage above shows Elisa(daughter of Magic Johnson); Angel Iris Brown(daughter of Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy); and Willow Smith(daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith).

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