Regina King has admitted that her role as a mother affects what roles she takes up as an actress.


“That was one of the reasons I decided to go into TV; I was turning down films that if I accepted they would take me out of the city for two weeks. When I became a Mom I said I wouldn’t take a part that would take me away from my son for more than two weeks, she tells 411Mania.

“As my son, who [is fourteen], came nearer to reaching his teen years, I decided I wanted a more regular, predictable schedule. Movies can take you anywhere at any time of the day, so I wanted to return to television. I started with ‘24,’ but that didn’t work. I read and did pilots I knew had little hope of being sold. Then I saw the part of Lydia in ‘Southland’ and knew this was the one I wanted. John Wells, our producer, is serious about getting what he needs from his cast and crew without disrupting our family lives. We work a 12-hour day, normal for television, and I can tend to my son, Ian, whose school won a football championship. Yes, I’m proud.”

King is a proud mother who says that motherhood and her desire to see changes in how America operates influenced her decision to campaign for President Barack Obama.

“He’s a smart man. He’s a realistic man. He knew what hurdles lay ahead,” she says of the president. “For the circumstances he’s in, he’s faring well.”

Regina currently stars on television series Southland, which airs on TNT Tuesdays at 10 pm.

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