First daughters Malia,11, and Sasha,8, have received their swine flu vaccinations, a White House spokeswoman confirmed yesterday(October 27th). The First Daughters were given their (H1N1) shots last week by White House physician, Katie McCormick Lelyveld, once the vaccine became available to school-age children in Washington, DC. The girls have also received their flu shots, the White House said. So what’s the big deal, you ask? Patricia Waltson of Examiner says it best:


“Many have been asking (and were curious) if these girls would in fact get the vaccine since there has been so much controversy over the effectiveness versus the possible side effects of a vaccine that seemed to have been rushed up. One lady reportedly said, “When the president’s girls get the vaccine, I will consider if my children will get it.”

Not wanting the public to think these girls got priority, they received their shots when they were made available at their school. The White House doctor ordered the vaccine through the same channels as any other health provider, it was reported. But there is bound to be those who feel these girls got priority since there is a shortage. By making public that Sasha and Malia had received the H1N1, it was hoped that this would help alleviate the fears of parents.”

So far, more than 1,000 people across the United States have died from the swine flu. There is currently a national shortage of the swine flu vaccine and President Obama has  declared a national emergency for doctors and nurses to better deal with the spread of the virus.

BCK Says: Have you or your kids been vaccinated?

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