What do you do when you’re a single mom and your child screams, “I want my daddy”, but daddy is nowhere to be found? Yesterday(October 19th), actress Tichina Arnold had to face that question as her daughter Alijah Kai,5, cried out for her dad, Producer Carvin Haggins:


I had to listen to Alijah cry herself to sleep to the chant of “I want my daddy!” These are the nights that I wish never existed, but unfortunately do! It’s the challenging and heartbreaking side of single mommyhood.

I’m getting sick of hearing MYSELF give her the same reply, “Ok baby, but daddy is not here, we will call him tomorrow. Now go to sleep”. I can see her little wheels in her head just turning as if she’s about to say: “You say that all the time; she has not said it yet but she is starting to figure out that (for now) daddy is NEVER going to be there when she wants or cries for him.

It’s just another single mommy issue that I have to deal with “head on” when the time comes…and it’s coming faster than I expected.

I always knew Alijah was a bright child, but Lord, I did not expect to have to brace myself to address this subject matter so soon.

So needless to say, I gotta face the music. Without getting into my personal business, whether or not her dad and I see eye to eye or not, I ALWAYS make sure that at least 2x a week, I ask her if she wants to call her dad. It’s the best I can do.

I’ve already explained to her (in a way that a child could understand) that her dad and I are not together anymore, but we still love HER more than anything in this world…. But honestly, sometimes I feel like those answers are just not enough to take away that empty space she has of having her father around and in her life.

I’m realizing that unfortunately in due time…SHE’S going to have to face the reality that her dad is just not as available as she might like for him to be. Read More on Tichina’s blog

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