The View Co-host Sherri Shepherd wants all women, especially moms, to give themselves a break!


“I just feel like we as women we are always trying to be so perfect. We try to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, sister and it’s like we are falling apart because we are trying to be so perfect. I wrote this book because we gotta give ourselves a break.”

Sherri said she was inspired to write her new book “Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break” because on her third day on television show ” The view”, Sherri was asked whether the earth is round or flat and she nervously responded that she didn’t know.

“I was beating myself up until I got hundreds of emails from women going, ‘You know what Sherri? I don’t care if the earth is round or flat [either], I’m just trying to take care of my kid,’ ” she says. “And that’s when I realized, we just have to give ourselves permission to say dumb things, we have to give ourselves permission to feel okay and not beat ourselves up…”

Excerpt from “Permission Slips:

Going from wife to mother is a game changer. (Or girlfriend to mother. Or one-night stand to mother. No judgments here; things happen.)

We moms are backed into a corner. We want the best for our babies, and there’s no end to things you can do to make your child smarter, healthier, happier, and more successful. Here are just a few things that can freak you out during your pregnancy: mercury in tuna, hormones in the water, Baby Einstein–yes or no?

Plastic bottles or glass ones? What causes autism, ADD, ADHD, and asthma? How come pregnant women in Europe get to drink wine every day but I can only drink it once a week?

Fifty Web sites will give you fifty different answers. It’s not enough that you sacrifi ce your body and your life, now you gotta get an advanced degree in biology–while you’re throwing up.

And the kid ain’t even born yet.

Before you forget, write yourself a permission slip to give the baby tap water, from a plastic bottle. When we become moms, we become more responsible. When men become dads, they stay the same, which means they actually become less responsible.

Permission Slips-$16.49

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