African-American Lottery Winners

They weren’t famous until they won the lottery; but the newspapers dedicated columns to them, and you might have heard about them on the news or on the radio. They’re African-American and they have been lucky enough to win life-changing lottery jackpot prizes. Curious to know how their lives changes and what happened to them? Read on.


Mother Of Four Wins $188,000,000 Playing Powerball!  

Her name is Marie Holmes and she was 26 at the time the best of luck paid her a visit. She is the mother of four beautiful children and she was one of the few Powerball winners at the Wednesday draft. The total amount of the jackpot prize was $564 million, and Holmes won $188 million out of that, before taxes. She is from North Carolina and one of her children is a special needs child suffering from cerebral palsy. At the time she received the news of her great fortune, she couldn’t; realize what was happening. She stated that it will probably hit her by the time the money will actually reach her account. She declared to be I’m thankful that she can bless her children with something that she didn’t have. The young mother was struggling with a harsh existence before her big win; she stated that she doesn’t usually lay the lottery, and that she will pay her tithes and set up accounts for her small ones, the buy a house and make sure all of her family feels the blessings of her good fortune.

Eager to Play The Lottery And Try Your Luck?

For those of you who feel the need to play the lottery right about now, the online-lottery site makes for an excellent platform where they can find the richest selection of international lottery games on all continents. You can find the biggest Powerball, MegaMillions, SuperEnaLotto, or    

Euro Millions jackpot games there and buy ticket right from the comfort of your own sofa, without having to drive to a land lotto shop or gas stations. You will also have the chance of letting the random number selector pick the numbers for you –the very numbers that could help you win a share of a huge jackpot prize worth several hundred million dollars. Take a look at the upcoming draws and easily buy your desired number of tickets – the more tickets you play, the bigger your chances of actually winning a huge prize.

The price of a single ticket is small and it could bring you a whooping winning, like it happened to lucky Marie Holmes mother of three, so never think it won’t happen to you. This is the beauty and at the same time the fascinating thing about playing the lottery – you can never tell when good luck is going to strike you, but when it does, you should be ready to pop the champagne open and start celebrating!  Read a few rules of play if you are not extremely familiar with the game and either pick a domestic American lottery and/or an international one – the choice is yours and no one will restrict you from playing every week.  

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