Actress Reagan Gomez, like many moms, feels guilty whenever she is away from her child.  Though  she loves being at home with her daughter Scarlett,2, Reagan loves working,too. So what is a working mom to do?


As told by Raegan:

So, I’m still trying to figure the “working mom” thing out. My daughter, Scarlett is 2, and I was lucky enough to take the first year of her life off. I did a re-occuring role on “Till Death” and a film,“Dough Boys”, and that was it. But after TI’s “Whatever You Like Video”, the phone kept ringing. Luckily, my new job as the voice of “Roberta” on The Family Guy spin off, The Cleveland Show(airing September on Fox) is the perfect job for a mom. I’ve also been lucky enough to be able to take her on location for two films I did in Texas.

I feel guilty as hell when she’s not with me. I miss her like crazy.

So this has me thinking. Do working moms, feel, more guilt, than working dads? Don’t jump on me dads, I know you miss your families too. I’m only asking, because Men have been working forever! They’re taught, GO OUT AND WORK, LONG BUSINESS TRIPS, LONGS HOURS AT WORK. It’s all part of being a man. But historically, men were at ease, knowing that their children were at home with the wife. But what if, THE WIFE, works, just as much? That’s a reality for most families out there, not to mention single mothers. And single dads, I give you guys credit as well. Think about it, working women, have only been the “NORM” for what, the last 50 to 60 years? We’re still trying to figure out how to balance it all.

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