Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith

Veteran actor Jackie Chan has nothing but praises for young actor Jaden Smith. In the past few weeks, Jackie has been working alongside Jaden in order to prepare for their film Kung Fu Kid, the remake of the old film, The Karate Kid. Jackie recently wrote on his BLOG about the 11-year-old son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.  As told by Jackie Chan:

For the last two months, my stunt coordinator, Wu Gang, has been training Jaden. He will have to do a lot of action in the film so it’s important that he is mentally, psychologically, and physically prepared. Wu Gang wanted to show us everything Jaden had learned. Wu Gang told me that Jaden was really talented and a natural athlete. I was doubtful. How good could his martial arts be when he’s only trained for a short period of time?


Training in martial arts is hard work. It takes years to perfect even one punch or kick. Jaden’s father is a famous celebrity, and Jaden probably knows he could get away without having to work very hard. If I couldn’t get my own son to train in martial arts, how could anybody else succeed?

Honestly, what Jaden demonstrated in the next hour truly surprised me. I have seen many young children learn martial arts, but I have never met anyone like him. He learned many Chinese phrases for the different movements of kung fu. When Wu Gang asked Jaden to show me, he barked out his orders in Mandarin. Jaden immediately understood what was asked of him and performed it. When he was thirsty, he gave the traditional hand gesture, putting one fist into the palm of the other, bowed and asked permission to drink some water.

Not only was he hard working, he was respectful, focused and really good! I couldn’t believe it. He showed me every exercise Wu Gang had taught him and finished the demonstration with the “drunken kung fu routine” from one of my own films, Drunken Master. He put my son to shame! I provided my son with the best martial artists in the world, and he could not be persuaded to try it. In just two months, Jaden had learned so much. He is truly a talented boy. He could sing, break dance, play ping pong, and now he can do stunts!

He enjoys learning, which is important. When a person is not interested in a subject, no matter how hard you push them, they will not pick it up. Even if they do, it will be with disinterest and lack of passion. His intelligence, maturity and great physical prowess impressed me. I now have confidence that when we start working on the action sequences with Jaden, he will do great.


What also impressed me about Jaden is that he comes from an affluent and famous family, and you would never guess that when you interact with him. I went to Will and shook his hands, telling him how proud I was that he had raised such a good boy. I know that Jaden is going to be a big movie star some day. He has all the qualities to become successful in whatever he does in the future. I wish I had a son like this.

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